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【Buy Skittles; get LINE stickers of Cherng’s Sourism】Enter serial number to get free stickers!

Have you ever envied that people in other countries can download stickers after buying products and entering serial no. on LINE? You have a chance to get free stickers of Cherng by entering serial no. now. Do not miss it!

Get newest stickers

↓ Skittles x Cherng’s Sourism
Only for TW line://shop/detail/2792 Valid for 180 days
Way to get it: Buy Skittles and enter serial number on LINE.
Available till: 2014/11/11

Skittles are wrapped in three kinds of packages: 30 NT dollars, 40 NT dollars and 89 NT dollars. Remember to choose the package which contains LINE image on it, or you won’t get the serial number.
LINE stickers-skittles X cherng's sourism

How to download serial number?

▼ First, buy Skittles with a sticker on the package. And then remove the sticker to get your serial number.
step 1 buy skittles with LINE image on the package step 2 remove the stickers on package and get serial number

▼ After that, scan the QR code. While you see this page, please key in your serial number.
step 3 scan QR code step 4 key in serial number

▼ After you’ve finished all steps above, you can get stickers for free! Share it with your friends on LINE now.
step 5 download stickers and share it with friends

More stickers created by Cherng

↓ DamoCulture: Cherng’s illustration (It’s at discount now!)
Only for TW line://shop/detail/1466 Valid forever
Way to get it: Buy it on LINE.
默默文創-cherngs馬來貘line stickers