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【Motion Sickness】Cure Car Sickness & Sea Sickness. Remedies, Pills & Patch

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Cure Car Sickness and Sea Sickness1
Motion sickness like car sickness and sea sickness always make your trip aweful. Wanna get rid of carsick, seasick & airsick problems? Read the remedies below!

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What Causes Car/Sea Sickness?
Car Sickness Remedies

What Causes Car/Sea Sickness?

Cure Car Sickness and Sea Sickness2
Car sickness results from the sensory conflict arising in the brain from differing sensory inputs. Varying theories exist as to cause. Tiredness, anxiety, pregnancy or gastrointestinal sickness may cause car/sea sickness. Also, you easily get car/seasick when eating too much or nothing. Therefore, experts suggest that you should eat properly before car rides.
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Car Sickness Remedies

Avoid Sway
Never try to use computer/mobile or read books on vehicles or you will feel dizzy. All you have to do is avoiding sway of your head by inflatable Pillow.
Cure Car Sickness and Sea Sickness3

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Keep The Vehicle Airy
Odours such as gas, smoke or fishlike smell may make you feel worse and want to throw up. Therefore, you need fresh air. If you can’t get rid of those odours, you should wear a hygiene mask.
Cure Car Sickness and Sea Sickness4

Look At The Horizon
To avoid car/sea sickness, you must look at the horizon.
Cure Car Sickness and Sea Sickness5

Distract Yourself
Draw your attention from sickness. Try to distract yourself by sining or chating with others.
Cure Car Sickness and Sea Sickness6

Suitable Seat
Choose a suitable seat is quite important to avoid car/sea/air sickness. A seat right at the center of airplane; a seat close to the driver in car, for example. Besides, sitting in the lower deck of a ship gets less sway.
Cure Car Sickness and Sea Sickness7

Pleasant Smelling
You will feel better when smelling something pleasant such as tangerine peel.
Cure Car Sickness and Sea Sickness8

Eat properly
Never drink milk and eat chocolate before you get into a car or boat. Eat these things can ease your motion sickness.

Vinegar: Drink warm water within a few drops of vinegar before your trip.
Lemon, Chinese Olive & Dried Prune: Saliva is overproduced when you’re carsick and it will make you throw up. However, Chinese olive or lemon contain tannin which can make your mouth dry.
Soda Cracker: Soda cracker absorbs fluid in your stomach so that you won’t throw up.
Cure Car Sickness and Sea Sickness 9

Massage Acupoints
When you feel like throwing up on vehicle, just massage these acupoints below to ease the uncomfortableness.
* Click on the links to see where the acupoints are.
Temple : It’s near your ears and close to the end of brows.
Feng-Chi: It’s on your nape.
Nei-Guan: It’s between 2 tendons of your wrist.
Hegu: It’s near the web space of your palm.
Cure Car Sickness and Sea Sickness 10

Car Sickness Pills
Take car sickness pills/medicine at least 30 minutes before travel if you find treatments above not helpful.
Cure Car Sickness and Sea Sickness 11
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