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【Relief】Skin Allergy: Allergic Reaction & Allergy Symptoms.

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Cure and Relief Skin Allergy 1
Source: skintreatmentguideFsticker is going to inform you with skin allergic reaction & skin allergy symptoms. Moreover, ways to relieve skin allergies are included in this article. Use them well.

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Skin Allergy Symptoms & Relief

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Skin Allergy Symptoms & Relief
Type Cause Symptoms Relief
Atopic Dermatitis Heredity .Dry & itchy skin
.Having blain
.Having a thick skin
.Dark skin tone

.All of your body
.Around eyes
.Around the anus or genitals
1 Need:

2 Avoid:
.Strong soap/Shower gel
.Clothes made of wool/nylon
.Direct exposure to the sun
.Fluffy toy
.Carpet & blanket
.Animals’ furfur, hair & ordure
.Milk, fish or egg
.Wheat, peanut, soy bean, cigarette
.Stress, fluctouation in emotion

3 Must-have:
.Warm shower
.Toiletries without essence & antiseptic
.Clothes made of cotton
.Bedquilt made of silk
.Air purifier
.Cleaning bedding with hot water weekly
.No dust
Urticaria 1 Medicine

2 Parasite

3 Bacterial infection

4 Food

5 Irritant substances
You get rash and itch
but recover in a few hours.

Face, legs, arms
1 Avoid:
.Dust mite, cockroach, mold
.Fluffy toys, pollen, animals
.Rough & tight clothes (wool/nylon)

2 Absorb vitamin & protein

3 Need more sun exposure to gain resistance.

Eczema 1 Heredity

2 Substance:
.Dust mite
.Hot & humid surroundings
.Changes in temperature
.Strong cleaners
.Strong perfume
.Animal’s hair

3 Emotion & stress
Atopic dermatitis:
Often appears on face, scalp, neck,
inside of wrist, back of knee, bottom.

Often appears on palm or fingers.
Cause dry and bleeding skin.

1 Moisturize your skin

2 Avoid:
.Chicken, beef, mutton, nuts, seafood, fried & spicy food
.Clothes made of wool/nylon
.High body temperature

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