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【Stomach-ache】Relieve Stomachache/Pain After Eating.

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Relieve Stomachache and Stomach Pain
Stomach pain after eating makes most of you unpleasant. However, you don’t really know what caused stomach-ache and ways to avoid stomachache. Now you can get relief for stomach pain if you try these remedies.

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How to Relieve Stomach-ache?

9 Foods Easily Causes Stomach Pain
Why does your stomach hurt? It’s because you have gastric ulcer, gastroesophageal reflux or dyspepsia.
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18 Reasons for Stomach Pain.

Soft Drinks
Soft drinks such as soda and other drinks contain fructose. According to a research, 30% of adults cannot absorb fructose.
What Causes Stomach Pain (1)

Tea and coffee contain caffeine which stimulates your stomach. You will suffer from diarrhea if you ingest too much caffeine.
What Causes Stomach Pain (2)

Dairy Products
Lactose in dairy products is uneasy to digest to people who have Lactose intolerance. They get flatulence and diarrhea after eating lots of dairy products.
What Causes Stomach Pain (3)

Foods That are too Sweet, Sour or Oily
Sour foods often contain vinegar which causes acid stomach and makes your gastroesophageal reflux more serious.
Besides, processed foods that are too sweet, spicy or oily are a burden to stomach cause these foods aren’t easy to digest.
What Causes Stomach Pain (4)

Foods That Are Too Cold
Cold foods/drinks cool your stomach down. You will have stomach problems when eating too many cold foods.
What Causes Stomach Pain (5)

Gas-Producing Foods
It’s painful when too much gas is in stomach so you must avoid eating gas-producing foods.
7 Gas-Producing Foods Cause Stomach Pain.
What Causes Stomach Pain (6)

Mint & Chocolate
People who have gastroesophageal reflux should not eat mint and chocolate.
What Causes Stomach Pain (7)

Cigarette & Liquor
People who get an acid stomach must avoid cigarette & liquor. If you havt to drink something, then drink a glass of wine (made by fruits). Wine is helpful in reduce acid in stomach.
What Causes Stomach Pain (9)

How to Relieve Stomach-ache?

● Food that is easy to digest such as rice porridge or tofu.
● Fruit that contains less fiber and isn’t too sweet. Papaya and starfruit for example.
● Sticky food is good to stomach. For example, Okra, yam, pumpkin or Cabbage.
● These foods are also helpful to relieve stomach pain: vegetable, egg, toast, soda cracker and fish and so on.
How to Relieve Stomach-ache 1

After Meal
After meal, you should take a walk or stand up for a while. Never try to sleep, exercise or take a shower immediately after meal.
How to Relieve Stomach-ache 3

Eat Lighter Meals More Often
You should eat smaller meals more often if you have problem in digestion.

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