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【Warning】New iPhone Virus Can Infect Non-JailBroken iOS Devices!

iOS Trojan

20160318 ios trojan (3)_meitu_1
A new iPhone virus called “AceDeceiver” has been uncovered by Palo Alto Networks. AceDeceiver is different from previous iOS malware because it manages to install itself without any enterprise certificate at all. Palo Alto Networks warns that the ‘AceDeceiver’ malware can infect any iOS device,even non-jailbBroken iOS Devices can be infect by this trojan.

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Palo Alto Networks says, AceDeceiver is the first iOS malware that abuses certain design flaws in Apple’s DRM protection mechanism to install malicious apps on iOS devices regardless of whether they are jailbroken. Although apple has removed the malware from the App Store, it could still be spread by infected PCs.

20160318 ios trojan (2)

Palo Alto Networks found three iOS apps in the AceDeceiver family that successfully landed in the official App Store.

1.爱思助手 (Aisi Helper)
20160318 ios trojan (1)

2.AS Wallpaper
20160318 ios trojan (3)

3. i4picture

If you downloaded Aisi Helper, remove it immediately.