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【Free App】Use Hola VPN To Access Other Countries. (Android/iOS)

Hola free vpn/iPad

Hola Free VPN (11)
Here is a great app to access foreign LINE Sticker Shop: Hola Free VPN. You are able to connect various overseas servers via Hola Free VPN.

Preparation before using Hola
  1. Do not register your phone number on LINE. Please register your E-mail and Facebook account instead.
  2. Remember to backup your chat history or it will disappear.

In addition, here is the Preparation before viewing overseas stickers for free(Android/iOS).

How to use Hola Free VPN?

▼ First of all, you have to install the app.
Android: Install Hola Free VPN (Google Play)
iOS: Install Hola Free VPN (App Store)
Hola Free VPN (1)

Click Here to Read Instruction for Android.
Click Here to Read Instruction for iOS.

Instruction for Android
▼ After installation, launch Hola and visit My appsMore.
Hola Free VPN (2)

▼ Click LINE on the list.
Hola Free VPN (3)

▼ Click on the image of flag.
Hola Free VPN (4)

▼ Slide the screen to view more regions.
Hola Free VPN (5)

▼ Click OPEN after selecting a region.
Hola Free VPN (6)

▼ To connect a foreign server, you must check on I trust this applicationOK.
Hola Free VPN (7)

▼ Remember to force LINE to stop working before you visit an overseas Sticker Shop.
Hola Free VPN (8-1)

▼ Wanna turn off Hola or access servers of other regions? Visit the notification bar on your device and press on Hola.
Hola Free VPN (9)

▼ And then click disconnect to turn it off. Repeat steps above if you want to access other servers.
Hola Free VPN (10)

Instruction for iOS
You have a 7-Days free trial. When the trial is due, just remove this app and re-install it to get free trial again.

▼ Launch Hola and click the VPN button. There are lots of regions to browse from.
Hola Free VPN (13)Hola Free VPN (14)

▼ Click on Yes after selecting a region. The green button means a successful connection to other region.
Hola Free VPN (15)Hola Free VPN (16)

Android: Install Hola Free VPN (Google Play)
iOS: Install Hola Free VPN (App Store)