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【Free List】Hidden LINE stickers of Taco on Mar 30, 2015.

view free LINE stickers via openVPN & easyVPN; register phone number on LINE; terms apply; friend official account.

【List】Download free LINE stickers of Taco on Mar 30, 2015
LINE stickers are free here! If you love free LINE stickers around the world, try OpenVPN to view LINE stickers for free of other regions. Before you view free LINE stickers around the world, please read the article: Rules for viewing overseas LINE stickers

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Free LINE stickers

↓ Tako & Renshiba: Limited Edition
(Doesn’t show on Sticker Shop. Read more about Hidden sticker.)
For Japan line://shop/detail/4094 Valid for 180 days
Way to get: Friend official account on LINE.
Available till: Uun 21, 2015

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If you want to view stickers via OpenVPN APP, then don’t register your phone number on LINE. More details: Preparation before viewing stickers via VPN.*Please set a PIN on LINE before you remove your phone number.

Read this before you view stickers: Rules for viewing overseas LINE stickers.

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