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【View overseas LINE stickers by computer】Use BlueStacks (Android) and VPN Gate to see newest stickers from other countries!

As long as you install BlueStacks APP Player, you can view LINE stickers via computer directly. In addition, if you use VPN Gate Client, you can view newest LINE stickers of other countries.

Download Softwares

Download VPN Gate Client on official website.
Install BlueStacks from official website.

Preparation before using BlueStacks & VPN Gate Client

  Make sure you’ve done these steps on LINE: Don’t register your phone number (Visit Settings of mobile → Applications → LINE → Clear Data) + Register e-mail account + Register FB account.
  Install BlueStacks APP Player → Read instruction for installation of BlueStacks. (coming soon…)
  Install VPN Gate Client → Read instruction for installation of VPN Gate Client. (coming soon…)

Usage of BlueStacks & VPN Gate Client

▼ Launch BlueStacks to search LINE and install it.
1 install LINE on bluestacks

▼ Click Continue.
2 click continue to install LINE

▼ Log in with your Google account.
3 key in google email and password on bluestacks

▼ Click Accept to install LINE.
5 click accept to install LINE APP

▼ After that, Launch LINE and log in. When it’s done, just click the button of BlueStacks. And then drag LINE to force it stop working.
6 drag LINE to stop it

▼ Launch VPN Gate. Click on VPN Gate Public VPN Relay Servers
7 Use VPN Gate Client to connect mobile to another country

Select a server of other country.
8 select a vpn server

▼ Click on OK. Next, make sure that VPN is connected.
9 you've connected to a vpn server

▼ Launch your LINE again on BlueStacks. Click on MoreSticker ShopFree. You can see all stickers here.
10 click More-Sticker Shop-Free to download stkcers

When you finish viewing stickers, please shut down BlueStacks and disconnect VPN server.

Points for using BlueStacks & VPN Gate

  Want to connect to other server of another country? You don’t have to disconnect your server. Just select another server to connect. Next, use BlueStacks to launch LINE to view free stickers.

  How to change LINE account to another on BlueStacks?
▼ Visit home page of BlueStacks and click on Settings.
10 Click settings

▼ Click Advanced Settings.
11 click advanced settings

▼ Choose APPs to find LINE.
12 choose APPs

▼ Next, clear data of LINE. After that, you can log in with another LINE ID.
13 clear data on LINE

  How to block official account of LINE on BlueStacks?

▼ Make a long click on left button of mouse untill a window jump out. Choose Block.
14 make a long click on left button of mouse. and then choose block to remove someone from your friend list on LINE

Download Softwares

Download VPN Gate Client on official website.
Install BlueStacks from official website.