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【Instruction】View LINE stickers via OpenVPN and EasyOvpn! (Android)

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This article contains information about using OpenVPN to view overseas stickers for free! Also, except for EasyOvpn, we offer VPN Gate, Hideman and FlyVPN in this article. You must notice that your friends own some special stickers which you never have. It’s quite unpleasant while you ask how to get those creative stickers but they just don’t tell you about it. In fact, they just own stickers for free or buy them in other countries. How smart they are! Do you want to do show off with overseas stickers from other countries, too?
Let me tell you a truth, there are hundred millions of LINE users over the world. Each country has stickers different from others. You can even find stickers required payment in your region but are free in other countries sometimes. Now, let me show you how to view attractive stickers from other countries.

Things you must do before using OpenVPN!
  1. Do not register your phone number on LINE. Please register your E-mail and Facebook account instead.
  2. Remember to backup your chat history or it will disappear.

In addition, here is the Preparation before viewing overseas stickers for free(Android/iOS).

Step 1: Install OpenVPN Connect APP and EasyOvpn.

OpenVPN Connect APP: Install it on Google Play.
EasyOvpn APP: Install it on Google Play.
Instruction for iOS: Use OpenVPN Connect APP on iPhone. (coming soon…)

▼ First of all, you have to install 2 APPs: OpenVPN Connect and EasyOvpn.
1 install OpenVPN connect APP 2 install EasyOvpn APP

Step 2: Launch EasyOvpn and connect mobile to other country.

▼ Please launch EasyOvpn. And then choose one country.
3 launch EasyOvpn 4 Select a country

▼ Select a server and click on Accept to continue the connecting process.
5 choose a server 6 click Accept

▼ Click Connect. After you mark a check, the OK button will be available to press.
7 click Connect 8 you have to mark a check to trust this app and click on ok

▼ While it shows OpenVPN: Connected on the screen, that means you’ve successfully connected to another country.
9 your mobile is connected to the server of Japan now

Step 3: Turn off your LINE.

▼ Please visit the setting page of your mobile and press on Apps.
10 back to the home page of mobile 11 visit the setting page of your mobile and choose the folder of  APP

▼ Click on LINE. You will find End button. Click it.
12 find LINE app 13 click End

▼ Press on OK to force LINE to stop.
14 force LINE to stop working

Step 4: Download stickers from other country.

▼ Launch LINE again. After that, visit Sticker Shop and click on Free. You will find lots of overseas stickers which you’ve never seen before.
15 launch LINE again 16 click Free to check if you've already connected to Japan

Install OpenVPN Connect APP and EasyOvpn.

OpenVPN Connect APP: Install it on Google Play.
EasyOvpn APP: Install it on Google Play.

Other tools for VPN

Use on mobile
EasyOvpn (Android): Quickest way to connect to other countries.
Hideman VPN (iOS/Android): Quickest way to connect to Malaysia.
Tigervpns (Android): Quickest way to connect to China.
Hola Free VPN (iOS/Android): Browse from various regions via Hola VPN.

Use on computer
VPN Gate (iOS/Android) (coming soon…)
BlueStacks (Android) BlueStacks (Android)

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