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【YouTube Tips】How To Loop YouTube Video with 2 Clicks (Pictures)

Autoplay YouTube Video

loop youtube video 2016
If you are looking to replay your favorite videos over and over again,you might be happy to hear this news: Now you can loop YouTube video directly without install any extension.The new tool allows viewers to set videos to loop on the desktop version of the site.Find out how to loop YouTube videos.

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How to Loop Youtube Video
Step 1
▼Open up the video you want to loop on youtube.20160225 loop youtube video (2)

Step 2
▼Right click on video and you’ll find a “Loop” option within the ensuing drop-down menu.
20160225 loop youtube video (3)

Step 3
Left-click it once and a checkmark will appear to the right of the option.Back to the video. Now you can loop your favorite video. The video will automatically start over at the beginning once it’s complete. 20160225 loop youtube video (1)


How to Loop Youtube playlist
Step 1
▼Left click the replay button on the playlist. Now you’r playlist will replay automatically.20160225 loop youtube video (5)