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【Change LINE theme for iOS】Use iTools to change LINE theme file of iPhone/iPAD!

It’s an instruction for changing LINE themes on iOS devices. You can apply all themes downloaded from the Internet in a simple way, if you install the latest iTools and connect iPhone/iPad to a computer.

Illustrate the process of changing themes with pictures

 First, apply the official theme Cony on iPad/iPhone.
▼ Launch LINE and press on Settings. Click Themes.
1-1 launch LINE and press on settings 1-2 choose themes

▼ Choose My Themes to download the official theme, Cony.
1-3 click on my themes 1-4 download the official theme Cony

▼ Please Apply the Cony theme. After that, double click on Home button and slide the screen to turn off LINE APP.
1-5 apply Cony theme 1-6 double click home button and slide the screen to turn off LINE

 Second, download theme files to your computer. (There will be a file named theme.json & a folder named images after you unzip your theme file.)
Want more creative themes for iOS? View theme files now!

 Third, install the newest iTools to computer.
▼ When you finish downloading iTools, click the zip file to check it.
2-1 when you finish downloading iToools, click the zip file

▼ Choose iTools.exe and unzip this file.
2-2 unzip iTools.exe file

▼ Now, connect your iPhone/iPad to the computer by an USB cable.
2-3 connect iPhone or iPad to computer via USB

▼ Double click on iTools and run this software.
2-4 launch iTools.exe and then  run it

▼ When you select Applications, you can find LINE here. Click Browse to open it.
2-5 find your idevice (iPhone or iPad) and click applications. and then click Browse to open the folder of LINE

▼ Open the folder: LibraryApplication SupportTheme Packagesa0768339xxxxx. And then Delete these 2 files: images & theme.json
2-6 find a07 folder. select images and theme.json and delete them

▼ Next, you must import new file named theme.json and one folder named images.
2-7 import a file named theme.json and a folder named images

▼ Now you can lauch LINE on your iPhone/iPad to view the new style of it!
2-8 launch LINE to see if the theme is changed

Problems you may face during changing LINE themes

1. Can’t find files named “images” and “theme.json” on the computer?
2. How to restore Cony theme after pressing “update” by accident?
3. What can I do when I failed in applying themes?


Visit Theme Shop to download the Cony theme. After that, double click on Home button of your iOS device and slide on your screen to turn off LINE. And then open the folder a0768339xxxxx on iTools and delete “images” and “theme.json” again. Next, import the files that you want to use.


Please be patient when you import “images” to the folder. Even if you import the wrong file and want to delete it, you have to wait untill the whole file of “images” are all imported. Or you will fail in applying the theme.

Click here to install the latest iTools!

* Old version of iTools【→Click here for details←】
iOS: Change LINE Themes easily without JB!

ios line theme change trainning
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It’s common to change LINE themes all over the world nowadays. Therefoer, I’m going to introduce users of iOS devices to a tool for changing themes without JB(jailbreaking). If you want to change theme files, offered by KiKiNote, whenever you want, all you have to do is using iTools! When you finish reading this article, you will know how to change style of LINE to whatever you want.

iOS: Points before changing LINE themes

1: Download iTools to compute.
【 Windows 】:2013 iTools(simplified Chinese) For Win
【 MAC 】:2012 iTools(Traditional Chinese) For Mac

2: Download one theme file for iOS.
LINE themes for iOS>>Download creative iOS theme files!

3: Install iTools and connect iPhone/iPAD to your computer by an USB cable.

After finishing 3 steps mentioned above, you can go on the next step to change themes.

Instruction: Change LINE themes by iTools
▼ Please run iTools and connect it to your iPhone/iPAD.
3-1 check if your device  are connected to computer

▼ Click Applications on the left. Search LINE in the search bar. And then click on Browse.
3-2 click Applications and search for LINE. And then click on Browse

▼ Open the folder: LINELibraryApplication SupportTheme Packagesa0768339-c2d3-4189-9653-2909e9bb6f58. Import “images” and “theme.json” of your theme file into a0768339 folder.
Haven’t gotten theme files?>>Download creative iOS theme files!
3-3 put images and theme.json to the folder a07XXX

▼ Make a check and overwrite the files.
3-4 check it and overwrite the files

▼ After overwriting files, make double clicks on HOME button to force LINE to stop working. When you launch LINE again, you can see the new theme on mobile.
3-5 force LINE to stop working

Want to restore the official theme Cony?
Just delete the folder a0768339 and download Cony theme on LINE.

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