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【Tips】Why 12 Stupid Ways Won’t Help You Lose Weight? Correct Weight Loss Plans: Diet, Walking & Calculator

lose weight fast in a week/lose 10 pounds fast

How to lose weight fast in a week? What stupid ways should you avoid? Fsticker is going to offer some tips and show you how diet and walking help you in losing weight. Keep reading the weight loss plans.

A 3-minute workout per day, keep the fat away!
Lose weight fast in a week!

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12 Wrong Ways to Lose Weight
Correct Ways to Lose Weight
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12 Wrong Ways to Lose Weight
● Starving
nullSource:Health and FitnessStarving yourself is not a healthy way to lose weight. Once you have proper diet again, there’s no muscle to consume calories so you’ll gain weight pretty fast. It’s because the previous low-calorie diet makes you lose muscle. If you can’t spend your entire life starving yourself, then never use this stupid way to lose weight.

● One-food Diet
What’s one-food diet? That means you eat only one type of food such as apple, orange or banana. People eating one type of food per meal gain weight fast in the future, not mention to malnutrition and extreme tiredness.

● No-carbohydrate Diet
Energy of human body is offered by carbohydrate and fat. If you don’t eat food containing enough carbohydrate and fat, malnutrition and losing muscle are caused. Therefore, a carbohydrate diet is required.

● Eating Less yet Exercising More
Eating less yet exercising more makes your body tired. You’ll lose weight fast but the weight you lose are just water and muscle. You’ll gain them back fast in the future!

Are you still using these stupid ways?
8 Common Unhealthy Ways to Lose Weight

Correct Ways to Lose Weight
● Regular Diet
People who have good appetite must eat 3 meals a day. Your daily diets must contain proper fruit, vegetable, carbohydrate and meat.
People who have bad appetite should try 5 small meals a day. Each meal is easy to finish and requires balanced diet.

● Drinking More Water instead of Soft Drinks
Drinking water can boost your metabolism and help your body get rid of useless substances. 2000 cc to 3000 cc of water is required per day. If you really hate drinking water, try to make yourself cups of vegetable (or fruit) juice. Or drink black coffee and tea with no sugar instead of water. Remember, never drink sodas, energy drink or flavored coffee (latte or cappuccino).

● Being A Smart Picky Eater
Eat Liter Food: No sauteed, fried food and thickened food because they are high in calories. The better choices are boiled, grilled, steamed food or salad.

Eat Less Meat: Eat more vegetables.

Eat Healthier Rice: Mixed grains contain more fiber and are more nutritious than rice. Besides, they can make you satiate than rice.

Eat More Fruits & Vegetables: Eat cucumber, celery, carrot and fruit with low-fat yogurt instead of those high-fat snacks such potato chips and pop corns.

● Eating before 19:00
It’s less easier for your body to consume calories after 20:00 so you should avoid eating in the late night.

● No Snacks
Snacks and junk foods are often innutritious. Additionally, they’re super high in calories which can make you gain weight fast.

● Walking & Exercising
Try walking to work and using the stairs instead of elevator. Walking 3 times a week and lasting at least 20 minutes per time. You’ll soon discover a fact: walking is helpful in burning fat!

7-minute workout to lose weight fast!
Lose Weight Fast in A Week!

● Keeping Weight Loss Diary
Measure your weight and record it daily in your diary to avoid your laziness.

● Correct Sitting Position & Stance
Correct position makes you look good in shape. Stand and sit with your chin up, chest out, stomach in.

● Take A Bath
A 30-mins hot bath consumes as many calories as a 1000-meters jogging. Moreover, hot bath in 42-43℃ burns more calories.

● Recipes for Weight Loss
12 Delicious Breakfasts to lose Weight

12 Beef Recipes for Weight loss

10 Low-Calorie Recipes to Lose Weight Fast

Weight Loss Calculator to Manage Your Daily Calories

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