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【Can't you apply themes after LINE is updated?】Android: Instruction in changing themes by APP or other tools.

No matter what your LINE version is (old or 4.5), I can teach you to change themes in this article anyway!

When LINE is updated to version 4.5, LINE Corpration finally offered themes with price. Those themes are available for users to buy, download and change themes anywhere. However, I believe that before downloading service offered in Theme Shop, most Android mobile users used Just Give Me LINE Themes APP (more details about this APP) or LINE Themes Changer to alter themes. I especially introduce you to 3 ways in altering LINE themes.

how to update LINE theme files for version 4.5 of LINE

For computer: Instructions in updating LINE themes.
For ES File Explorer: Instructions in updating LINE themes.

Use computer to update your theme.

▼ When Theme Shop shows on LINE, it means that your version of LINE is newer than 4.5. Now, visit Theme shop and download the theme of Cony.
1 Theme Shop shows when LINE is updated to V 4.5 2

▼ Please download the theme of Cony but don’t apply it now.
3 4

▼ Next, connect your mobile to a computer. And then open the folder: Android/data/
25 connect your mobile to a computer 5 click the folder of android and then select the folder of a70

▼ Next, rename the theme file that you just downloaded before. For example: change KittyKC-themefile to themefile.8. After that, put it into a07xxx folder. It’s okay if the name of themefile.8 changes to themefile automatically.
6 rename your theme file to themefile.8 6-1 put themefile.8 to the folder

▼ To get your new style for LINE, please open your LINE and apply Cony theme right now!
6-2 open LINE and apply Cony theme

Use ES File Explorer to update your theme.

▼ Key in “es” to search ES File Explorer. Next, install ES File Explorer.
7 8

▼ Launch the APP and find a theme file that you want to use. Take Mickey-themefile for example here.
9-1 10

▼ Have a long press on the file. And then click the Renam button below to rename the file to themefile.8.
11 12 rename theme file to themefile.8

▼ Afer that, click on Copy. Enter into the folder: Android/data/ Paste your file here.
13 have a long press to copy themefile.8 14. paste themefile.8 to another folder

▼ The system will ask if you want to overwrite the orginal file. Click on Overwrite. When the process is done, a notification will show up.
15 you must overwrite the original themefile.8 16 the notification shows when your file succeed in overwrite the original one

▼ Please turn off Wi-Fi or 3G network of your mobile. Next, launch your LINE APP and click Settings.
17 18

▼ Click on Themes. Choose My Themes.
19 20

▼ Apply Cony theme. And then here shows the Mickey theme. It’s done!
21 22 here shows the theme of mickey

If your LINE doesn’t be updated to version 4.5 automatically, I can show you how to update by yourself.

How to update LINE APP to the latest version?

▼ Search LINE on Google Play. And then update LINE to version 4.5. Next, visit the page of Settings on LINE to check if your LINE is already updated to version 4.5.
23 24